DC/AC Power Inverter

These models invert er is one of the most advanced DC- AC conversion products are widely used in a range of application including homes, RVS, sailboats and powerboats. It will operate most televisions, personal computers, small appliances and tools such as drills, senders, grinders, mixers and blenders. To get the most out of the power inverter, it must be installed and used properly.
Input AC voltage   12V/24V
Output DC voltage   220v±5%
Output Frequency   50/60HZ±3%
Output wave Pure sine wave
Efficiency rate ≥95%
Size DC voltage Product size L*W*H(cm) Packing size L*W*H(cm) Net. weight(kg)/PC
100VA 12V 17*7*4.5 20*10.5*5.7   0.6
150VA 12V 16.5*13.5*5.5 19*14*5.8 0.85
200VA 12V 18*12.5*5.5 20.3*17.5*5.7 1
300VA 12V 18*12.5*5.5 20.3*17.5*5.7 1.2
350VA 12V 19*14*6.8 19.5*17.5*7 1.5
500VA 12V/24V 22.5*14*6.8 23*17.5*13 1.75
1000VA 12V/24V 33.7*23*9 39*27.5*13 3.7
1200VA 12V/24V 33.7*23*9 39*27.5*13 3.7
1500VA 12V/24V 35*27*10.5 37*32*14 4.5
1700VA 12V/24V 35*27*10.5 37*32*14 4.5

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