SG/ZSG: Series Three-Phase Dry Type Servo Transformer

SG series single-phase and three-phase dry type transformer adopts high quality material and advanced technology, it has advantages of damp-proof and convenient, like underground railway, high building, airport, station, wharf, enterprise, tunnel, etc. It is mainly used in power supply occasions of AC50-60Hz and voltage, connection group and capacity of trapped winding can be designed and produced according to users' requirements.
Input Voltage Rated voltage   ±10%
Output voltage Rated voltage   2-5%
Efficiency >95%(power   grade 50 KVA above)
Waveform distortion Non additional   waveform distortion
Function Current, input   voltage and output voltage indicators and input switch are available at request
Insulation   resistance Normally more   than 10M Ω
Electricity-resistance   strength single: Power   frequency sinusoidal voltage  1500V for 1min.without breakdown or   flash over
Three: Power frequency sinusoidal voltage 2000v for 1min. Without breakdown or flash over

Model and meaning

Outline and Mounting Dimensions

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