TDGC: Series Variable Transformer/ Variac

TDGC series AC Automatic Voltage Regulator/VARIAC is the 14th generation of power saving product of electron mechanical industry, widely used in fields like voltage regulating, temperature controlling, speed adjusting, lighting change, power control, household appliance, and lighting system,etc. TDGC2 and TSGC2 series have quadrangle outline, belong to new type product.


⊙Input voltage : 110V
⊙Output voltage : 0-130V
⊙Frequency : >90%
⊙Waveform distortion : No additional waveform distortion
⊙Temperature rise : <60℃
⊙Dielectric strength : 1500V/min
⊙Insulation resistance : Single-phase >5MΩ ; Three-phase >2MΩ

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