TDGC2J/TSGC2J: Series Single Or Three-Phase Voltage Regulator/Variac

TDGC2/TSGC2J series product is designed and developed with the international advanced compensation technology. It can keep the output voltage steady state automatically when the network voltage fluctuated or the load current varied, which can ensure the consumer run smoothly. TDGC2J and TSGC2J series have hexagon outline, belong to old type products.


⊙Input voltage : Single-phase: 220V±10% ; Three-phase: line voltage 380V±10%
⊙Output voltage : Single-phase: 0-250V±10% ; Three-phase: line voltage 0-430V±10%
⊙Frequency : >90%
⊙Waveform distortion : No additional waveform distortion
⊙Temperature rise : <60℃
⊙Dielectric strength : 1500V/min
⊙Insulation resistance : Single-phase >5MΩ ; Three-phase >2MΩ

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