TDJA/TSJA: Oil Cooling Type Variable Transformer/ Variac

TDJA /TSJA series oil cooling type variable transformer/VARIAC is similar to the conventional vertical wound rotor asynchronous motor. When the relative position of stat-or is changed, the inductive potential phase (three phase) of stat or winding will be changed, also the inductive potential amplitude (single phase), which ensures output voltage in a certain range. When the output voltage is beyond the range of rating accuracy, directly or indirectly take the output signal voltage of voltage regulator, by comparison with the reference voltage of voltage stabilizing controller, after amplification, the servo motor of voltage regulator drives reversible operation so that the output voltage can reach the rated value automatically in a certain accuracy range. Widely used in plumbing, sanitary ware, car spares, valves, iron cast lines, etc.
Model Rated capacity Phase number Frequency Rated input voltage Rated output Voltage Rated output current Product size L*W*H Net weight
TDJA-31.5 31.5(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 63(A) Φ88*130(cm) 420(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 48.5(A)
TDJA-40 40(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 80(A) Φ88*130(cm) 450(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 61.5(A)
TDJA-50 50(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 100(A) Φ88*130(cm) 650(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 78.9(A)
TDJA-75 75(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 150(A) Φ133*147(cm) 750(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 115.5(A)
TDJA-100 100(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 200(A) Φ88*130(cm) 900(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 154(A)
TDJA-150 150(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 300(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1150(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 231(A)
TDJA-200 200(KVA) Single 50(Hz) 220(V) 550(V) 400(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1600(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 308(A)
TSJA-50 50(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 68.7(A) Φ88*130(cm) 465(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 44.5(A) 150(kg)
TSJA-75 75(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 103(A) Φ88*130(cm) 650(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 66.6(A)
TSJA-80 80(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 110(A) Φ88*130(cm) 720(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 71.1(A)
TSJA-100 100(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 137(A) Φ88*130(cm) 750(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 89(A) 720(kg)
TSJA-150 150(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 420(V) 206(A) Φ88*130(cm) 850(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 133(A)
TSJA-200 200(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 230.9(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1400(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 178(A) 1300(kg)
TSJA-250 250(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 289(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1600(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 222(A)
TSJA-315 315(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 363.7(A) Φ88*130(cm) 1800(kg)
380(V) 650(V) 280(A)
TSJA-400 400(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 461.9(A) Φ88*130(cm) 2850(kg)
TSJA-500 500(KVA) Three 50(Hz) 380(V) 500(V) 577(A) Φ88*130(cm) 2950(kg)

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