JJW-5K Prevcise Puritying Power Supply

JJW JSW Series AC voltage stabilizer, adopt the sinusoidal energy-distribution voltage stabilization technology. They have features of high precision in voltage stabilization, quick speed in dynamic response, low distortion, high adaptation to overload, and high resistance to electromagnetic interference. They can properly absorb and control the noises and peak voltage of electrified wire netting. Widely used to scientific research field, test equipment and rectification equipment, etc.
Input  voltage Single phase:185-250V  ; Three phase:320-430V
Output Voltage Single phase:220V±1% ; Three phase:220V±1%
Frequency 50HZ±4%
Voltage for over voltage protection Single phase:246±4V ; Three phase:426±7V (3P)
Loading effect ≤±0.5%
Dielectric strength 1,500V/min
Efficiency ≥95%
Wave form distortion ≤5%
Response time 20-100ms
Peak absorption input 500V-13us
Ambient temperature -10±40°C
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ
Model Output power Product size L*W*H(cm) Net weight(kg)
JJW-1K 1KVA 33*17*27 14
JJW-2K 2KVA 38*18*31 19
JJW-3K 3KVA 41*20*33 26
JJW-5K 5KVA 46*23*37 34
JJW-10K 10KVA 50*25*42 57
JJW-15K 15KVA 60*28*45 73
JJW-20K 20KVA 60*28*45 90
JSW-3K 3KVA 45*34*65 55
JSW-6K 6KVA 47*40*85 80
JSW-9K 9KVA 47*40*85 105
JSW-15K 15KVA 55*44*90 128
JSW-20K 20KVA 58*48*98 150
JSW-30K 30KVA 58*48*98 180
JSW-50K 50KVA 65*70*116 240

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