SJW: Micro-Controlled Non-Contact Compensation Three-Phase Voltage Regulator

Integrating the advance duplex winding compensation mode、non-contact Switch and microcomputer controlled regulating. It has high efficiency and energy-saving、 fast adjustment 、three phase automatic balanced,no mechanical malfunction or carbon brush wearing, also with the functions of delay、under/over voltage alarm and protection. Adopting the advanced duplex winding compensation technology which ensure little waveform distortion.
◆Adopting one-chip computer to control the thyristor and shifting combination for timing compensation adjustment enable it to realize the fast non-contact adjustment. Strong instantaneous overload capacity makes it available with various loads ◆Adopting one-chip computer split-phase control, it has the functions of delay starting-up, three-phase automatic balance addition adjustment, display、alarm and protection of open-phase、overrun and malfunction etc.
Input voltage Phase voltage:200V±20%; Wire voltage:380±20% Or Phase voltage:220V±30% Wire voltage:380V±30%(optional)
Ouput voltage Phase voltage:220V Wire voltage:380V
Accuracy of voltage ±2.5%
Efficiency >95%
Response time 0.2-0.5S optional
Waveform distortion 2%
Protection 50Hz/60Hz
Instant overloading capacity 1.5-2 times of the rated current
Model Rated power(KVA) Out power max current(A) Package size D*W*H(cm) Qty/pkg(unit)
SJW-20KVA 20 30 85*65*180 1
SJW-30KVA 30 45 85*65*180 1
SJW-50KVA 50 75 85*65*180 1
SJW-80KVA 80 120 95*75*190 1
SJW-100KVA 100 150 95*75*190 1
SJW-120KVA 120 180 95*75*190 1
SJW-150KVA 150 225 115*95*200 1
SJW-180KVA 180 270 115*95*200 1
SJW-200KVA 200 300 115*95*200 1
SJW-225KVA 225 338 115*95*200 1


Broadcast & Television system, Microwave telecommunication Unattended station, Industrial control system, Computer system, Industrial equipment supporting, Elevator supporting etc.

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