SVC/TND: Series Single Phase High-Precision Full Automatic AC Voltage Regulator

SVC/TND series single phase high –precision full automatic AC voltage stabilizer, its control system consists of a self-coupling voltage regulating transformer and a linear integrated circuit to control the servomotor’s transmission mechanism to regulate the primary and secondary turn ratio of the self-coupling voltage regulating transformer automatically for the purpose of automatic voltage stabilization.


It is an ideal AC voltage stabilizing, widely used in office equipment, industrial equipment, household appliances, medical devices, testing instruments and communication equipment, etc.


⊙Input voltage : Single-phase:140V-250V ; Three-phase:Phase voltage160V-250V ; Wire voltage:277V-430V
⊙Output voltage : Single-phase:0.5KVA-3KVA 220V and 110V 5KVA-60KVA 220V ; Three-phase:Phase voltage 220V ; Wire voltage:380V
⊙Waveform distortion : No additional waveform distortion
⊙Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz ⊙Ambient temperature : <75
⊙Adjustable time : <1s( when input voltage has a change of 10%)
⊙Efficiency : ≥95%
⊙Dielectric strength : 1500V/1min

Product examples